It's Not Personal It's Business

by Marylynne Christman
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From time to time I see postings on social media platforms that I shake my head and say “do you think they really meant to post that?”We have the First Amendment, giving us the freedom of speech but we also need to know who our audience is; that audience is pretty much everyone.

Today, due to social media, companies that are hiring, have more information than ever on applicants. It used to be that companies determined if the applicant was a good fit using just by their resume; today they also look to social media platforms. But it is not just companies and individuals looking to fill jobs; it is companies looking to hire consultants, or companies to perform services.

When you are a consultant, freelancer, entrepreneur or a small start up business; potential clients will check you out on the web first.They will look at your website to see how updated it is.If you webpage is filled with “cobwebs” and has not been kept up to date they may think your business has not been kept up to date.

They will look for you on all social platforms. LinkedIn to check your “online” resume.What your skill set, your background is, and what recommendations you have received. Potential clients will also check your Facebook Page, Google you, and look for you on Twitter.So it is important that what you put on these pages are things you would want seen.

I have seen a business owner complain bitterly about a client. I am sure the client can figure out it is about them, and how would that make future clients feel? Someone ask if anyone had a tampon she could borrow. Really do you want to give out that much info? Political rants are turn offs for almost everyone.And inappropriate language is always inappropriate.

Just remember you may think it is your personal page, but it is out there for everyone to see. That is what makes it business.

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