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Justin Christman
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How to be a Super Hero

First what is a Super Hero? A Super Hero is defined as: A fictional figure having superhuman powers or greatly enhanced abilities, usually portrayed as fighting evil or crime.

To find out what your powers are ask yourself these questions.

What do you love to do?

In a group team building activity or event in a family gathering what role do you naturally play?

Who is it that you want to help? Or what evil or crime do you want to fight?

I love to help others, and have a giving spirit. I am the natural planner in the group, the multitasking director. Asking the questions of who, what, when and where. I want to eliminate stress for my clients; that comes with the planning of every detail. Saving the dollar from being spent unnecessarily. And allowing them to enjoy their event.

So now put it all together: As a Super Hero I will use my powers of planning, multitasking and event knowledge to thwart the evil of the stressing over the details, while saving dollars from ultimate doom and scaling the walls of opportunity for success and enjoyment at the event.

SuperNow create your comic book persona, add a cape and/or headband. What will your super hero name be? Since Wonder Women was already taken I am going with Meeting Maven. If you need help finding a name try this:

Next, you need power and conviction in yourself. To get there you it will require perseverance and commitment. Spiderman's first swing on his web line did not go well. If he did not believe, and kept trying, he would have never been the hero that he was. To help create this power, let's practice our Super Hero pose. It is a short meditation that will give you power of self, creativity and energy.

Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Place your fists on your hips. Chest out. Look skyward. Clear your mind, breath, breath. Feel the sun on your face.

Repeat to yourself: I love challenges and what I learn from overcoming them. I feel energetic and alive. I can conquer anything today. I will be successful in all that I do today. I am a Super Hero.

One of the biggest villains we face as Super Heroes is ourselves. We are filled with self-doubt, and are afraid to step into the light and out of our comfort zones. Practicing the Super Hero Pose at the beginning of each day will help us build the strength we need.

Be the Superhero in your own life, don't let it pass you by or wait for someone else to come by and fix it.

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Marylynne Christman
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Why Christmas in July?

The concept of Christmas in July was started in an attempt to cool off during the hot summer months. The celebrations included Christmas traditions like Santa Claus in his summer attire, ice cream,other cold foods, and gifts. It has also been reported that it was thought up by retailers to try to take advantage of the sales season they experience in the fall. You may have already started to see the Christmas decorations on sale at the stores.

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Marylynne Christman
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It's Not Personal It's Business

From time to time I see postings on social media platforms that I shake my head and say “do you think they really meant to post that?”We have the First Amendment, giving us the freedom of speech but we also need to know who our audience is; that audience is pretty much everyone.

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